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New Middle School in Leander, TX Set to Open in 2020


Leander, Texas ISD announced the name of its ninth middle school in December of 2018. The new middle school in Leander, TX will be named Stacy Danielson Middle School, in honor of Stacy Danielson who spent her entire teaching career at Cedar Park High School and was the school’s dance director.  She passed away of colon cancer last summer.

The new middle school will be located across from Glenn High School in the northwest part of the Leander ISD, and will open sometime in 2020. The school district is currently in the process of determining attendance zones for the new Stacey Danielson Middle School.  As reported in the Community Impact newspaper, “This is a really important step forward in the identity of Leander ISD’s newest schools,” said Dan Troxell, Ph.D. “These are going to be amazing places of learning and growth for our young people. I am very excited to see the campuses, staff and traditions start to take shape.”

The article in the Community Impact newspaper also reported that Chuck Fields of Fields & Associates Architects Inc. presented a schematic plan for the school to the Board of Trustees, which is scheduled to be constructed at the intersection of Collaborative Way and Halsey Drive. “When you look at the building itself, it is kind of a modified star shape,” he said. The design accounts for 1,200 total students and includes outdoor learning areas, according to the documents. The new middle school could be complete as early as August of 2020.

The Inspiration Behind the Naming of Stacy Danielson Middle School

There were hundreds of names submitted, but ultimately, the Leander ISD Board selected to honor Stacy Danielson.  According to Madison D’Ortona, the dance director at Manor High School and a former student of Danielson, “Stacy could see who students would become and not just who we were just then, and because of that, I know I’m the dance director I am today.  This is the testament that she was bigger than a dance studio.”

Stacy’s father, Kirk Lawrence, told the Leander, Texas ISD Board that when Danielson’s tumor was first discovered, she was concerned about bringing her drill team officers to officer camp the following day.”  Her father continued,  “That’s just the way Stacy was … she always put her students first. We can’t bring Stacy back, but by placing her name on a school, I think that would allow Stacy to continue putting her students first.”

More about Leander, TX ISD

Leander Independent School District is ranked in the top 2% of school districts in Texas.  The fast-growing, 40,000-student district is expected to open five new schools in the next few years. The district spans nearly 200 square miles.

Leander ISD is a place where care and concern for every student, parent and partnership is at the heart of everything they do. Their mission is to, “engage, inspire, and achieve for lifelong success.”  They are committed to students exiting their system with the same passion for learning as when they entered, without economics determining success.

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Leander is a quickly growing community and it’s no wonder why. With its beautiful scenery, tranquil vistas, and quick access to surrounding cities, it’s the perfect location to have the best of all worlds. Residents enjoy quick commutes, easy access to relaxing natural landscapes, and all the cultural sophistication a big city offers — whether that’s taking in a downtown restaurant or a local sporting event.


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